The History of Our Congregation

In 1954 the elders of the West End Church of Christ (one of the first churches of Christ in Atlanta) became interested in establishing a congregation in the Cascade Heights area, and set aside the contributions on the fifth Sundays for a Cascade Heights Building Fund.  This fund continued to grow until 1956 when the first Sunday of each month was designated as Cascade Heights Building Fund Day.

The new building was completed in May of 1958 and the congregation moved in with a record  crowd of 330 on May 25, 1958.

In July 1969, a committee was appointed to look for suitable land upon which the congregation could relocate sometime in the future.  On October 23, 1969 23 acres were purchased on Clark Road in South Fulton County for future use of the congregation.  In March 1971 the re-zoning for church use was approved on about 10 acres of the property.

Sunday morning, March 26, 1972 was designated as the last service at Cascade Heights.  After March 26, 1972 the congregation would be known as the Cedar Grove Church of Christ.

 Until the new building could be built, the Cedar Grove Church would meet in the Cliftondale Elementary School.

On Sunday January 21, 1973, the groundbreaking ceremony was held and construction of the 11,000 square foot building was begun.  By Sunday, April 21, 1974, the church was near completion enough for the first service to be conducted in the new building.

Through the years much good has been accomplished with the teachings of the following ministers:

  • 1974-1976           Owen Freeman

  • 1976-1978           Charles Fleetwood

  • 1978-1981            Felton Spraggins

  • 1981- present       Ross Anderson

An untold amount of good has been accomplished by good members, good elders, good deacons, good ministers, good praying, good preaching, good works-and all in the name of The Good Giver, Jesus Christ, without Whom the Cedar Grove Church of Christ could not exist.