Our Mission

The mission of the Cedar Grove church is to help people to see Jesus.

Just as people of his own day were excited to see Jesus in person, we want to create enthusiasm to see Jesus through his body, the church.  We believe that if people fully see Jesus there will be the realization that he truly meets all the needs of life.

 Helping people see Jesus takes many shapes and it is carried out in many ways.  For examples, it means: 

To worship, obey, love and glorify God above all things.

To seek and teach the lost to love and obey Jesus Christ our Savior.

To lovingly minister to the needs of our community, our members and the world through our missionary efforts. 

To teach the New Testament gospel to everyone with whom we come in contact.

To love God and our neighbors as ourselves. 

To provide a home for saved sinners through the blood of Jesus and the grace of the Father.

To provide a safe place for support and fellowship of fellow disciples.

To help one another grow into the image and nature of Jesus.